Why Local Flowers?

Why Local Flowers?

Why Local Flowers?

Recently The Toronto Star released an article spotlighting locally grown flowers and featuring Antonio Valente Flowers, a flower farm here in the GTA. The flower business has been borrowing trends from the food industry: fresh, local, and sustainably grown and often heirloom. There are a growing number of farmer-florists; small scale growers who serve local markets with unique flower varieties from their very photogenic floral farms. 

I started Posy Lane Flowers not only out of a passion for flowers, but also because I wanted to offer fresh and locally grown blooms wherever possible. 

You may have noticed that certain flowers from the grocery store are a little different. They may have not opened like flowers from the garden or lasted very long. A fair amount of the flowers sold in Canada are imported from overseas. The flowers go through quarantine, are sprayed with pesticides, and are then sent to the flower markets and wholesalers throughout Canada. 

In our pursuit of goodwill and affection towards one another through giving flowers, we are facing a problem which is compromising Mother Nature. Imagine hundreds of thousands of imported bouquets wrapped in plastic cellophane which add up to a couple hundred kilos of plastic wrapping. This is in only a two week period, and for just one flower variety. 

They also go through the process of being frozen and freighted just to get to Canada which in many cases it could be more than a week in transit from when the flowers were originally cut, before they end up at a grocery store or wholesaler.

For our Weekly Posy deliveries, I try to buy and sell locally grown flowers from farmers that I meet and speak with every week. Why do I buy local? I experience varieties of flowers that can’t be found elsewhere. Since the local flowers available depend on the season, we get a sense of that is growing in our area and when.

As such, my flowers will change each week depending on what is in season as well as what I’m loving at the time. 

Local flowers sell themselves. We find them far superior to anything imported. They are unique in their varieties, longer lasting, sweeter smelling, and we get to support our Canadian local businesses.