Welcome to Posy Lane Flowers

I’m Maryke Hoffman and I am the founder and florist of Posy Lane Flowers. We’re a boutique floral design studio based in Toronto, Ontario offering fresh, chic-polished blooms for any space, event or occasion.

My Dutch roots and upbringing in the fruit belt and wine country area of the Niagara Region of Ontario gave me a great appreciation for flowers and the power they have to transform any space. Posy Lane Flowers is my way to help share my passion via our fresh take on Special Event and Wedding Flowers. All of our blooms are ethically-sourced, and many of our blooms come from our floral farmers around the Greater Toronto Area and Niagara Region. This means our customers get to enjoy quality blooms with lasting power.

I live for flowers, anywhere, all the time. I feel utterly grateful for the beauty that surrounds me on the job.

Further, each order placed includes a donation towards helping the bee population of Toronto. We are Bee City Canada business.